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yo I'm a spit first, I gotta sick thirst for killin' lame rappers/
duke, I'll leave you layin' shattered wit half your fuckin' frame fractured/
tunnels of pain, I'll break and twist your friggin' crane backwards/
son you'll git slained,... I'll take a piss on your remains after/
I reign master, in the battlefield I been a threat/
sendin' death to faggots catchin' feelings on the internet/
cross the path I intersect and homie you'll just gain trouble/
you'll git stabbed, duffle bagged, while layin' in a crane shovel/
you wanna battle me?, kid that'll be the price you owe/
assault and battery, the knife sporadically'll slice your soul/
I know your wife's a hoe, but though you thought the truth's a rumour/
...she let me dump a load of giz inside her food consumer/
I know you hatin', I'm the illest here, there's no debatin'/
couldn't hold the weight and beat me so you sold your soul to satan/
I'm squeezin' lead until you bleedin' red in need of meds/
or I can beat ya dead until your head looks like a pita bread!!!
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