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Default Re: Racial Profiling in Boston.

Racial profiling is alive and kicking, as much as I hate to admit it. Its face has changed a bit, what with everything since 2001 - in fact, the events that I'm referring to may have caused a resurgence in racial profiling. Arabs, Muslims and anyone else who fits the bill to the ignorant eye (ie. Indian, Pakistani, etc.) are being persecuted unjustly if not overtly. It's funny and cool now to make jokes about people who look like Osama Bin Laden - (see stand-up comedy by Jamie Foxx and Eddie Griffin). Yeah it's just jokes, but you'd be fooling nobody to suggest that these jokes aren't rooted in a racist undertone.

Where I live I think the directly visible effects of racism are muted, however I'd be ignorant to say that it doesn't exist. A quick look at the letters to the editor in pretty well any newspaper reveals that there are many who engage in racial profiling, even if they themselves don't realize they're doing it.
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