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Default Re: Racial Profiling in Boston.

By the way, my comments specific to the profiling of Arabs/Muslims don't in any way mean that there aren't other races subject to profiling. Black and aboriginal people (particularly the latter where I'm from) are of course subject to typecasting and straight-up racism as well. EDIT: Make that any race that's not white.

One thing that really drives me nuts is when I hear a news story about some crime that was committed and the first thing mentioned is what race the perpetrator was, particularly when that has no relevance to the story. Prime example: in the direct aftermath of let's say the failed bombings in London (was it July 21?), the preliminary reports all had the words "dark-skinned" or "South Asian" when describing the culprits. Realistically what does that add to the story? Let the police do their job, identify their suspects and then release pictures. I don't need to know 5 minutes after it happened what colour the guys' skin was. Look no further than these subtle jabs if you want to see how racism and racial profiling are perpetuated....
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