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Default Re: ever watch Hardwood Classic throwback games on NBATV?

just caught another jordan game from the 80's...this one was in '87, against the nets in the regular season. a hair-adorned, gangly, amazingly athletic MJ went for 58 points with 24 free throws made, at one point making 19 in a row, tied for an NBA record. frequently gambling on defense without any inhibition, jordan ignited several breakaways, usually ending in either a pinpoint pass, an impossibly acrobatic layup, or a gravity-defying slam. he also hit on several mid-range jump shots, usually with four hands in his face. he probably could've hit 65 by the end of the game, but Collins pulled him with 3 minutes left in a game that the bulls led by 20, a coaching move not popular with the indefatigably audible chicago crowd.
great game...
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