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Default aight, my bad I took this long, been mad busy, anyways, round 2

I'm impervious to weakness, so what you saying's irrelevant/
I'll place a red dot to your cranium like you praying to elephants/
I'm quick to dump the mack, git punched and smacked for defying the dopeness/
git your pumpkin cracked, when I'm jumpin' jack, I ain't implying aerobix/
...applying a closed fist, leave your mandable wired liked coke fits/
BOOM!!!....lying corroded from a flammable pyro explosive/
soon as the violence of the virus exposes, you're finished/
'liff, you couldn't blow up if your flow was a swollen appendix/
you know the drill, I'm holdin' steel, for real it's overkill/
I'll leave you like a flunky mechanic...wit no motorskills/
decompose until the odour builds, that's what you call a lesson/
smile?, I'll sink your poli-dentures straight into your small intestine/
I pack guns to jack-son like I'm Micheal and Janet/
clown, you couldn't hold the strip down if you was swipin' an AMEX/
...and we can do this on the TNA channel/
but 'liff, you couldn't conjour spit swabbin' a DNA sample!!

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