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Default Re: ironman or Liquid Swords ??? chose

Originally Posted by INSpectah~Deck
pussy, do you even listen to songs? His 2nd verse on liquid swords is just as good as anything ghost has ever done, its a fucking masterpiece.
yeah man..i dont know why yall always bring the lyrics up..its music not a book..sometime it seems like yall judging everything bout the lyrics...i thing the beat was not all that, the flow was ok - i dont really get in this song..iaint catch the vibe..i think it comes cause i aint american..dudes like we have much more a eye for the music, feel me flow wnd breath controll, vibe etc...its cause we dont understand every word but we got other things..its like a blind man...he might not see like u - but he hears alot more - so i wanna say that we just realise the music more..cause we aint stucked in the lyrics...whateva...prace
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