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Originally Posted by FamicoM View Post

Im sorry, but: avatar??...lets keep that shit outta here......or am I the only one here that thinks that it's complete garbage?....
no no nononono can't have you saying that
if you don't like it is alright or even if you don't considered anime is ok but to call it wack or garbage is way out off line son
first of all people shouldn't considered things wack just because they don't like it, your taste does not measure the greatness of this series or any other thing

Originally Posted by LORD ZERO View Post
and word, i like naruto alot but it just seems like dragonball z but with a deeper concept lol, am i the only one who noticed that?
you call Avatar wack but then started talking about DBZ thats like calling Wu Tang wack and start talking about Bubba Sparxx lyrical knowledge no offense but DBZ is good at first when you don't know what real anime is but when you see other series you realise how wack and garbage DBZ is, entertaining but still garbage

Originally Posted by shaolinsword View Post
*That's what I'm trying to say. The shit episodes of Avatar are better than the shit episodes of Naruto too. It's just a shame they can't make any good Avatar games
Avatar does not have shit episode unless if you mean fillers but any how they manage to be interesting entertaining and funny plus some way some how you can connect some of them with the main story unlike any naruto or bleach fillers plus naruto filler sucks big time and theres a bunch of them and DBZ don't get me started one century killing Freeza

Originally Posted by FamicoM View Post

Wow............great comeback tauro, really answered my question to....
all i said was i personally dont like avatar, then yu said its "one of the best written animated shows around"...which seems like a huge overstatement to me....
so just explain to me why its such a great series, cause i cant seem to comprehend its sheer greatness....
is not an overstatement but your commenst early is an understatement

first the main story is good the 4 nation plus the avatar to keep balance the sudden disappear of the avatar gave opportunity to the fire nation to wage war on the illusion of sharing the prosperity with the world when in reality is just expanding etc..(plus you see how the fire nation school are filled with fire lord propaganda and lies)

second character development you see the characters evolve through the series getting stronger from mastering their respective elements to the story behind each one from the reason to the way they are

third you can see the culture diversity between the 4 nation is done very creatively
from the house and cities are build to they way they travel, animals, food, clothes etc...

four how the element each nation represent is heavily influence the characteristic of the person example:
fire an element of fury so a fire bender are short temper and destructive
earth an strong element so they are stubborn and never give up etc...

each element is done by a different type of martial art according to each characteristic of the element example
waterbender use tai chi
firebender use shaolin fung fu frogot the other 2
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