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Default Re: Anti-gay group protests at soldier's funeral.

Originally Posted by Witty
How would you know...if you are not gay then you are obviously not attracted to that thought, but if you are, then you are...I don't like fish, but its not like I go around saying shit like "I don't understand how some people could like fish more than steak"...people prefer different things, just as one might be more attracted to a girl with brown hair than a girl with blonde hair.

As for that Kansas anti gay group....fuck them....they are right up there with the KKK to me. they came to my town protesting gay rights and got shitted on. Its disturbing.....the hate they are feeding to their own fucking children...makes me want to throw up. I hate the US Military and everything it stands for, but I would never ever protest or disrespect a funeral of a fallen soldier...that is just fucked up.

Whats with all the gay hate on Wutangcorp....You don't have to agree with the lifestyle, but for all of you to say "I fucking hate faggots" is a little extreme...I bet most of your only exposure to gay people is on "Will and grace" the Knowledge.

i dont hate gays

i said i am not convinced

if you do the knowledge a little bit more

you will find that a long time ago fucking had a function other than busting a nut

you can find another man as attractive as you want to

but there is no way that your sperm is going to carry out its function when you shoot it in your buddy's ass


it is not the same comparison as blonds and brunettes or fish and meat

do the knowledge
your mother's dick
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