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Default round 3

yo check it son, you got slayed in the last two/
and the only thing you servin' is the customers that paid for they fastfood/
this faggot, he be takin' the cock straight..../
and he broke his ribs three times, how?... gittin' raped in the prostate?/
think you standin' tall, but couldn't rock wit an elf/
'cause you the type to lose a fight shadowboxin' yourself/
and you can tell I'm straight breakin' his confidence/
'cause practicing SNM's... the only time he demonstates dominance/
I swarm labels wit forty NATO missles and tornados/
bitch... I'm more fatal than the aids inside a whore's anal/'ll never walk on my level duke/
plus the heat'll lift your feet up from the ground like you was rockin' stilleto boots/
and I don't know this whack faggot on a personal note/
but I can tell he's backpackin' through the verse that he wrote/
so I curse at these folks, 'cause how they gon' respect him wit rhymes?/
...when I can smash Daliff 89 consecutive times!!!
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