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Default Re: Racial Profiling in Boston.

were all one race...yeah but shit, they have to be able to narrow the search down a little bit. and their should be certain people u dont have to look at because u know it aint them...think of it as a time and life saving measure. and until all american citizens or anyone alive in the world gets some type of ID card or some shit like that, i dont see what choice they have right now, u cant just go ahead and let 100% of everyone hop on a plane with the hopes of it wont get blown up just because u dont wanna offend someone.
...dude sayin hes mad when the news tells u the race of the perpetrator, how are they supposed to know who to look for? be fuckin realistic....hes 6 feet 200 lbs....OK, so are we gonna be on the lookout for everyone thats 6 feet tall? if the dude is white they tell u hes white, so it aint like they only mention race when their black. me, i think that dozens or hundreds of lives are worth a hell of alot more then someones feelings. i'll never go back on how i feel about this, but its based purely on terrorism nothin else, im by no means in favor of the real racial profiling in the sense of black dudes gettin scooped up just because they happen be in the suburbs.
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