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I intercept weed dealers.
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yo maplewood isnt exactly tha hood part of Jerz but lemme tell yall sumthin I liv on springfield ave, an if u walk like a half mile down the hill you will see Crackheads as far as the horizon, cuz thats wen u cross the border into Irvington.

Sometimes the Crackheads spill over into Maplewood. One night i'm chillin @ my homie's apartment and i'm leanin out his window smokin a bogie. Mind u, its 3:30 in the mornin, like 30 degrees out.
Alla sudden I see this white dood with a looong ass beard walkindown the street with NO SHIRT, singin "I LOOOOVE DRUUUGS, I WANNA GET FUUUCKED UUUUP" and then he stopped and said "YO, GOT ANUTHER CIGGARETTE BRO?"

I dudded da bogie out an shut the window mad fast.
Too much horsing around with unrealistic stances and classic forms and rituals is just too artificial and mechanical, and doesn't really prepare the student for actual combat. A guy could get clobbered while getting into this classical mess. Classical methods like these, which I consider a form of paralysis, only solidify and constrain what was once fluid. Their practitioners are merely blindly rehearsing routines and stunts that will lead nowhere...

-Sijo Bruce Lee.
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