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Originally Posted by the silencer View Post
i was in a bookstore in Baltimore a few weeks ago (this huge Barnes and Noble built out of a 100 year old factory) and just browsing to see if they had any of the books i have on the little personal reading list i got right now and i came across this crazy weird but intriguing book on Nietzsche that was illustrated in black and white, crazy comic-book style art on every was so weird that i couldn't help it, i had to buy it...i figured if i didnt buy it right then and there, i never would

it's called Introducing Nietzsche and it covered his whole life and his works and philosophies..

i read the whole thing in like 2 days and i loved it..definitely recommend it to everybody..its so easy to read and it's extremely entertaining..and if you never read Nietzsche stuff before, you should...he's deep and really thought-provoking
You ought to just go and read his actual stuff. Sadly, I've only read one so far, but I intend to read more. Thus Spoke Zarathustra is very good. What I've read from the Gay Science and Genealogy of Morals is also good, but I didn't read those the whole way through.
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