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Originally Posted by singodsuperior View Post
does anyone know if anybody remixed some of their stuff?
id recommend checking out this venetian snares 7". he dubbed out some sabbath to great effect

"Back in stock! The long awaited Venetian Snares dubstep debut is here, a 2-track transparent green 10" in which our man Aaron Funk pillages Black Sabbath for a righteous, hillarious doomstep transmission that's destined for much play this summer with all BASS heads - be they familiar with his back catalogue or not. A-side track "Black Sabbath" features Ozzy in full effect, drenched in all the reverb and delay you'd expect to find in the Black Ark, mashed-up styles. The flipside offering "Electric Funeral" is just immense, opening up with Ozzy rambling on about something or other while Snares delves deep into a slow motion BASS skank-out that needs to be heard to be believed. Quite clearly meant to be taken with a pinch of salt or two, Venetian Snares has nonetheless here produced one of the heaviest wobbly records of the year - pick one up while you can. LIMITED UPFRONT COPIES."
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