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Default Re: Mind of Mencia

I don't find him that funny...i saw his comedy central stand up special and thought it was pretty good, but I just flat out didnt laugh at his show at all. the one thing he does that pisses me off is:

Mencia tells a joke about someone doing something I remember "I saw a sign on a local store that said 'Open 7 days a week....Even Sundays'"

*audience laughs*

Mencia: Now some of you arent laughing...and that concerns me.

*Mencia breaks out into retarded impression mocking someone who would think there are more than 7 days in a week.*

Now this might be funny every once and a while, but it seems like he does it for every joke. Also....Its cool hes not worried about being politically correct all the time, but he touches on the most cliche stereotypes of each type of person he talks about. hes better than everyone on Comicview (which isnt saying much) but I would not put him up there with legends like Leguizamo, Rock, Murphy, Pryor and Cosby or even with future legends like Jon Stewart and Chapelle.

Now, 80's Eddie Murphy is the master of not being politically correct to me.

But everyone has their opinions on whats funny, so I'm not hating on that, just my opinion.

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