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The Ghost
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The Ghost crouching tiger

Ilzpotent will get killed like a still rodent
A billed explosive, feed you poison in chilled doses
I'm getting first hit like the north wing of the twin towers
Exclusive power, beating up abusive cowards
I'm hungrier than bears after hibernation
I look down on you so much I might need a face lift
I surpassed nice, you mad right?
I stab you with a glass knife, from my past life
and slit everything you got in half like your last wife
This can get worse than what it is my friend
I'll Kill you commit suicide and in hell kill you again
So I can say I killed your ass twice
I was telling you I aint no fucking joke
Fuck hanging you, I'll strangle you with this fucking rope
My flow heroin, so from here on its fucking dope
You don't wanna battle you need me to fix you cause your fucking broke
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