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I have 2 questions...

1.Brushes...what's the best method to create your own brushes especially grunge types
2.3D Studio Max....when using it can you take pictures that were not made from it and still transform them into C4DS or whatever they're called
1. to make rushes: make a dirty design by using another brush. basically scribble. then load it as a brush in the brush menu. or you can load a pic of something like a rusty piece of metal or a piece of wood.

2. depends on what u want to do in c4d. u can load the pic as a material (texture), or load a black and white silhouette of the pic and use it like a mask to cut out a shape from an object.
i did both here:

i took a cube and separated the faces. i put the image as the material for the frnt and back faces. for that img matrerial i used the b/w mask to cut the shape out. i deleted the other faces.then i sandwiched an extruded outline of the image i made in illustrator, the same way you make 3d text.

if you want to mak a real 3d object out of a pic you have to build it using splines. you can extrude an outline or you can rotate a profile kinda like a pottery wheel. then there are advanced methods like lofting . i suggest googling "modeling c4d tutorials" for better info.
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