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4.5/5. The one classic track on here is One Mic, which is one of the best songs ever, lyrically it's ridiculous, Nas's delivery is his best ever on it, and the beat is perfect. Other amazing tracks are the intro, You're Da Man, What Goes Around and Every Ghetto. Ether is great but way overrated, because of some wack lines ("I rock hoes, y'all rock fellas") and blatant lies (36 in a karate class, tae bo ho=WACK). 2nd Childhood is great as well, as is My Country and Rule. This was a great album to resurrect Nas's career after the subpar Nastradamus, but it is not the classic some label it as. It is far below Illmatic, and a notch below It Was Written. It is on par with The Lost Tapes, and ahead of the rest of Nas's catalogue.
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