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Default Re: From Ape to Man

Mark you have no clue, if Wu Tang read that shit you wrote they'd slap the hell outa you

black people don't colonize shit or take over peoples countries

blacks and arabs had no idea that white men would bring us to america to mistreat us for so long like they are doing

Again - a servant to a black or arab at that time was a part of the family - servants didn't get abused -

mark THE FACT is this - white people have a long history of violence towards all peoples of the globe - others stole,lied, and killed - but not like caucasians - yall are the best at it and THATS FACT - yall are war masters -

am i a racist for saying this ?

now its 2006 check yourself and make shure you don't fit this description

and oh yeah - apes come from men

"E E Even if i stutter i'ma Still Come Off"
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