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YES. You prooved so many times that you are a racist and a paranoid conspiracy theory lover. And I'm just not down with you cats anymore. In 5% terms; you are dumb, deaf and blind. I love the Wu-Tang music, but I do understand that a lot of what they are saying is not true. Some Wu fans are blind and think everything there idiols say is true. Well, it's there life, but I just know about history, I read much and I know what happend.

I know about the violence and wars of the white men and christians. But why is Europe the most richest place and most peacefull place in the world? Are you blind? Don't you see how the African governments are killing there own continent and killing there own people? Don't you see how communists are killing minorities in there countries? (Muslims in China for example). All that shit ain't happening in Europe. True, there are some small wars in Europe; just sometimes and not very big. And I hate people that blame Amerikkka for everything that happens in Africa. It's bullshit. Don't you see how black people kill, rape, pillage and sodomite eachother in Africa? Ever heard of Rwanda and Darfur? And you say that white man are MORE evil? It's bullshit. It's racism. That's why YOU are a racist and that's why I understand.

All men got evil in self. It has nothing to do with race. You fucking losers.
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