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Default Re: From Ape to Man

rofl at the literall translation of the 5% teachings, a man names yacqub created crackas in a fucking mountain lol experimenting on diff races

is the shit even supposed to be taken literally? u beleive in yacqub? malachi york shit is even worse

white people came about through the lessened need for melanin in european continants, we all eveolved from the earliest black people even though its a weaker evolution

i am the 1st to admit white/zionists are controlling shit and fucking up the globe but theres idiots in every race

illuminatti theorists, u beleive there aint NO black people in that? its not about race anymore its about land and power/resources

relgion is a prison to the seekers of wisdom because u follow something that has no proof oif its existance, i love the way you say god makes everything and controlls it, then throw the free will card up in this

show me proof of a god and ill beleive you

oh and do you wonder why islam hardly accepts the 5% nation? every sunni ive spoke to doesnt see the 5% as being part of islam, wasnt the shit created in the 50's? elijah muhammed is a lovely man getting a freedom fighter like malcolm shot the fuck up!

beleive what you like, but untill u die...dont let some bearded motherfucker who lives in the clouds control you...cus when its all pitch black and you have no existance....its too late

i got love for everyone and dont want beef. but u cant come up in here talkin like your some enlightened beings because wu tang says so

wu are hardley the model 5%ers

lets see, smoking weed, fucking groupies, being violent, using profanity and drinking alchohol are all quality traits of a muslim? i think the fuck not

peace to everyone, im just sick of the contrived bullshit, we need to unite in this nuclear age to survive as a people, fuck the media, fuck religion, fuck america and fuck the e.u

love, ronin
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