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Default Re: From Ape to Man

Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins

ask your self these few questions and give us the answers if you want

what has Wu said in their lyrics or elsewhere that wasn't true ?

why was belgium and france in Rwanda ?

why does england and france occupy alot of african countries ?

how did the english defeat the natives of america - and why did they feel the need to exterminate them ?

europe is peaceful ?

and africa is not ?

what are you saying here ? are you saying that europeans are more civilized than africans ?

lol - why is europe the most richest place ? is it because they plundered and pillaged everyone and thing they got their paws on ?

why are egypts original arts in museums in europe - why are they not in egypt where they belong ?
completely agree, the colonists were nasty motherfuckers who built on plundering, greed and racial hatred, fuck the brittish empire, people forget what we did in india

egypt was raped twice before anyway, hebrews and the greeks stole most of what they had and watered down the colour of their people

where are the nubians?
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