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Default Re: From Ape to Man

Originally Posted by Mark Mayoya
I know about the violence and wars of the white men and christians. But why is Europe the most richest place and most peacefull place in the world? Are you blind? Don't you see how the African governments are killing there own.
plus your ignorance is gonna make your fear and hatred of black people grow - i see it coming - don't deny it either -

no diss -

gain understanding - you lack much of it and its not a bad thing - yet - we all have to go through different levels of understanding throughout our lives -

look at the caucasians history and present condition instead of trying to defend what is 100% wrong - this world is in the sick condition its in because europeans made it that way -

ask yourself why is ENGLISH the standard language and not arabic or hebrew or any of the millions of languages that exist -

and oh yeah - who supplies the arms,bullets,tanks, and military trucks to these african countries - is it shell, chevron, texaco ?

what are they doing over there ?

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