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Default Re: From Ape to Man

Originally Posted by __Goddess__
I think Mayoya means.. That it is not his fault.
Its not his fault - No one blames him,

but when the history of your people is presented in front of your face don't deny it.
It would be healthier to say

" dam thats foul whats happening to your people i'll make shure that i'm not like that and i'll teach my children to be different "

you don't beat the victims further and try to cover up your families history with bullshit lies

i have here a myriad of foul shit my people has done - Satan-EL wasn't caucasian - its not time to bring that out yet because we are still suffering from what was established - lol - by us -

but until we can get to those things we have to get pass this - and his anger will turn into hatred and racism - because instead of having sympathy for the victims of caucasians, he beats the victim further

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