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Originally Posted by One and Only View Post
Yo I talk to dude from Monsta Island Czars, Ravage aka Meccagodzilla, if I ain't mistaken his girl Minako Kurasawa is a Japanese born raggae dancer.
I was always under the impression she was doing a documentary on reggae dancers from Japan, and knew many of the dancers, but wasn't one personally. Either way, Minako is fine. Ravage has excellent taste in women

Originally Posted by Oztradamus
Great thread ***** stars, ayo Hide, post the video of that chick in your sig, that bitch is fiyah and can move LOL
I will after I'm done watermarking. I'm putting together my own site for these dancers

Originally Posted by chiba
hide where are u homie??
I'm still around homie. Hit me up with a PM sometime. BTW, those clips in your latest post aren't professional reggae dancers. They're women women with some (I have to stress the word some) dancing experience as a hobby, but now do softcore/hardcore themed porn.

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