Drop cha target make it a meat market
darken never devolve my recoil be sonic the hedgehog vs knuckles/
who wanna tussle didn't even move a muscle
got the Brady law enacted now we rap tracking instead of bullet trafficking/
watch me chuckle it up knuckle it up your tired fucks
rusty ducks get the samples cleared u still ain't revered/
ain't no fear jeers get gears twisted when I demon whip u
flip floats rode cha rocks knock me by being in swamp meets/
I fault cha articles with articles mind marching through villages
torching you by the barrages we rushing walls dusting all/
be me you can see me guess my ghost isn't great in battle
decide cha decision words of wisdom get cha disassociated/
my disease be beliefs I retrieve when I am in HD
if you got access then my hollywood be bolly good/
knarly dude screw loose a snipe when I write
dispite cha tight mics I ain't got grammys/
I rather win a Slammy like Owen Hart
watch me spark it up and twist cha ankle/
didn't cha know I have heart I got the glee too
rip you down in public without any embarrassment/
come at the enigma wrestling with bashful triggers
piledrive losers when I sweep kick ya you can't rebound/
your bad art is paint splashed on top of bad art
my mad spark is fuel to the fire didn't the devil tell I am dirty too/
cold with a 7:30 crew triplicate now you Norman Bate
why wait when your predictable as another domestic charge/
best in bar, game that hard come with darts you whine with cheese cover faces in thee
youthful expression I am old man aggression teaching you a lesson/
I beckon wrecking never settle debts
just more debates add to your charge homes/
now you trying part me from the M-I-C I am different breed
this is Techwon in HD, this is Sheepish L-O-C-S in WiFi/

off the hook, hoping it up double dribble NBA Jam u
bang with slang my auto be port cha gorro
now we hitting you with Z's like Zorro
come off the crap you ain't all that
I know I'm not but I drop mines
clock yours get cha ego in check
or get lobed like a double deck