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Thread: cures for cancer

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    Cayenne Pepper is also another known cancer killer. Good shit P.H.
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    1. Hemp oil (THC kills cancer)! The cheapest and fastest cancer cure!

    Official Site of Jack Herer"

    2. B -17 Vitamin

    3. Sodium bicarbonate (?)

    4. Alkaline Diet

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    apricot seeds are Vitmain B17 I believe.

    Apricots are also very high in vitamin A, more so than peaches. Vitamin A helps keep your mucus membranes healthy and less suseptable to disease like flu and colds.

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    The best cure for Cancer is not to get it in the first place. Eliminate as many man-made chemicals from your life as possible, especially cleaning products, cosmetics & hygiene products, and pesticides, etc. Eat an organic, balanced diet that includes natural fiber and a balance between cooked foods and fresh raw foods. Get a combined few hours of at least light exersise per week. De-stress regularly - yoga, tai chi, qugong, meditation, whatever works for you. Do not watch and obsess over mainstream news. Take a raw, whole foods supplement such as those made by Synergy or Garden of Life.

    Most importantly, the food we eat needs to be mineralized and not that which is grown in commercialized dead sterile soil that most food found in grocery stores today was grown in. Either grow your own as much as you can and replenish the soil regularly, or take a colloidal mineral supplement.

    Study the following 2 sites as much as you can. There is a lot of information, and within these pages are the defacto answers to most cancers.



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