this has had so bad promotion it's not even funny but i read somewhere that it's been released. Bilal is one of my favorite modern soul singers, he always kill his guest spots on hip-hop songs (especially his work with Common stands out to me; tracks like "6th Sense", "The People", "Misunderstood", etc.). his debut album from 2001, "1st Born Second", is an amazing album and one of the best soul albums in the 2000s if you ask me - he really proved he's very versatile on there, everything from sugar sweet soul tracks to Dr. Dre produced hip-hop bangers to sing over and experimental songs like the title track. i wonder if his new album is as good tho, it's been 10 years since his debut and i have no clue what producers he's worked with on this one either. any info is appreciated and if you have listened drop a little review please.

otherwise just use the thread to give Bilal a little appreciation: