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Thread: Choose your own Wu-Tang Corp adventure

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    You take a nap on the train tracks. Five trains pass over you before you think to lie the other way. By then...

    THE END?

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    You hook up the positive to your left ear, then you look at the negative end. You stop.
    You take the positive end off your left ear, and put it on your right. You nod your head in approval.
    Just after you snap the negative end to your left ear, the current rushes through your body, and you dance a jig.
    Isn't it ironic? Dontcha think?

    THE END?

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    When the medics find you, all they see are the letters "TI" smeared in blood on the tub wall.
    Their confusion is answered by your brother who explains, "He saw that movie IT a week ago...stupid mutherfucker couldn't remember how to spell it."

    THE END?
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    You tie up a rope to you neck and look for a study place to tie it tight. You begin wacking it furiously when your brother walks in on you. Due to the fact you can't move or cover up, he starts laughing and taking pictures, which he proceeds to post all over Wu-Tang Corp.com.

    THE END?

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    Fuck outta here. You know that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY too complicated for you to even attempt.

    THE END?

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    THE END?
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