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Thread: Choose your own Wu-Tang Corp adventure

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    You go in for a hug, when you feel a sharp pain in your chest. "Sorry brother," Fatherslime coos, "but with you out of the way, I own it all."
    You got this far only to be betrayed by your own brother. I told you a long time ago should have killed him you fucking monkey.

    The end
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    Killing one person at a time is fun, but why not kill a whole bunch at once?
    You soon start up a clandestine Nuclear program in Mexico, but you just can't keep your mouth shut about it.
    Your angry rhetoric about wiping out the great Satan, America, spills over onto the airwaves, and public opinion turns on you.
    Meanwhile, America isn't gonna sit back and watch you threaten it's interest.
    Here's a surprise they left for you at 7AM, May 1, 2031.


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    Fatherslime goes in for a hug and you quickly jam him in the neck with a screwdriver lying on his desk.
    He looks at you with horror, and stumbles around the room, before collapsing on the floor.
    His guards rush in and look up at you in shock.
    "What did you do??? He wanted to be your partner! He was your brother!"
    "Jigsaw don't need no fucking partner, pendejo. Now clean that shit up. We have work to do."
    Your ruthlessness scares the ever loving shit out of them, and they quickly do as asked, ushering your brother's corpse out the door.

    You are the king of the drug world.

    There's only one thing left to do.

    Clean my gun.
    Smoke some PCP.
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    be back in a few still under construction be patient plz

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    You start to crawl when you hear a barking a ways away. You whistle to try to draw whatever-it-is closer. When it gets to you, you recognize the breed immediately. You've trained them to kill each other all your life. "Nice boy," you say as it growls and stares at your wounds, looking very hungry.


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    You pull out your gun and look at it. "We've been through a lot, old friend," you say tearing up at the wonderful adventure that has just befallen you. You are the king of the world. You know, like Leo, but slightly darker, and much more ornery. It is in that moment, that you realize that you don't need PCP...both the drug and the group. And it is because of this revelation, that none of us will ever have to be forced to swallow mindless underground internet scum rapping ever again. For in that moment, Jigsaw ended the suffering worldwide of eardrums by rising up and forming a coalition to smoke those enemies of sound out of their holes and bring them to justice. The underground internet rap game was history, and with it a new dawn of enlightenment approached.


    P.S. Five minutes later this happened

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