I saw both of these videos last weekend on YouTube for the first time. I didn't know they did videos for those songs. Vanity was so hot back in the day. I had a crush on her after seeing The Last Dragon movie. Nasty Girl song is the jam. I haven't heard her other songs besides Nasty Girl and Pretty Mess. She did a video for Pretty Mess also. It's a shame Vanity used drugs back in the day and that's what ended her music and acting career. She's a church preacher now and she has her own website Denisematthews.com. Denise Matthews is her real name and she doesn't like to be called Vanity anymore because she said it brings back too many bad memories. I've emailed her a few times and she's responded back. Appolonia disappeared after Prince's Purple Rain movie hahahahahahahaha. She was very cute back in the day.