interview from 10/8/10

RZA: I would love to bring these worlds together. That's what I'm striving to do. My budget is not as big as some of these movies, so I've got to pull a lot of favors. Another buddy who is on board is Dave Batista, the world wrestling champion who left and now he's into Strikeforce and he's going to be doing mixed martial arts. To have him come on as Glass Body, when I talked to him about it, he was like, "I always wanted to be The Toad in 'Five Deadly Venoms,'" and I said, this isn't The Toad but the character is very similar, and he said it would be his honor to do it. So to have him and Russell Crowe standing beside each other, two men, real men, is exciting. But I'm looking to make this an international thing that brings both worlds under one umbrella and get out a good piece of art.

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