Oppenheimer rocking minds dos-elite rhymes
knocking out spines when I slide out the shadows/
shock you phase shifter gifted hieroglyph speaker
solid snake open wake casket bake like fries/
in lives I died my minds in liens link like computer networks
check experts repository honor glory SHOCK YOU WITH LIGHTING/
SHAZAM! I teth your team with ancient flows ripping minds
and it shows come with cha barbs I got wires to sure up your scars/
triplicate rip through debates ache hearts take thou away
making emcees pay when the Chaos begins to sprays/
relay commands black berry draft cha AM
my game play be more complicated than TV Show/
pull your card, ace of spade race your game
checker flag fucking freaks getting minds CRTL+ATL+DEL/
Put cha crew on repeat, your a bad rerun see sun my shines blinds minds
inside any ripper there's a way to zip up any potential rapper/
bullet time propel oxymoron sock your protons
close down your casino, I got the bebop to stop you rappers like a tree top/
magnum opus closed focus rope this concert off
display your style my arch is pretty vile/
divide rely trip skills get cha you slayed
delay react see pact acid trap you rappers until they get bug zapped/

watch my riddle raps
skittle flows that zip minds up
tree trunk you sucker emcees
with skills, dexterity and multiplicity
this is just something I wrote
cloned never floated in clouds I rode