carnivore spittin the raw hardcore metaphor/
vocal verbal mechanic eruption, the robustion beyond that which your esophagus couldnt stomach of the planet nibiru circumference/common rap statements signify in laments/thats its has a placement with the liking of satan/ the deep polarization of something scared of the story of abdoiah and that of david

i wrote this awhile back as well

vicious lyricist existentially gifted with the sickness to exorcise the wicked/depict a sentence which was written in the most elegant penmanship/we go back to square one-broken down like a gun-with a Veriochip under tongue/the heralded metaphorical rhyme writer, my writings was spoken of on the papyrus by the paleoanthropologist/whats the secret being kept with the grand Masonic lodges/as with any info thats provided, do we do the knowledge OR allow the media with the mind of an 85er to misguide us

and this

Eternal light comes in the form of a luminescence representation/Primary properties: intensity,wavelength & polarization/ The Aurora Borealis of melodious madness/The 2500 B.C. sacred play of Osiris and Isis's theatrics/ Show The descriptive mathematics of the body of Kemet and how it doesn't line up with Orion's belt with a atlas/Seek wisdom from the cradle to the grave as foretold like Solomon/ I read chapter and dissected each doctrine/ the supreme regime as foreseen by a historical team in the Valley of kings, unearth in the tomb of Tutankhamen/The methodical philosophical attributes inhibits me to spit/The knowledge which is prosperous allow me to rip at 6 decibels and 400 octaves/ Aware and responsive of the environment....allows me to reach enlightenment thru the exploration of cosmic consciousness/Ergonomically energetically efficient/My mind bends the realm of science and baffle the senses in the labyrinth of surrealism/