comical logical inoperable since I was a teen, come off the mean machine
back in green hero in a half shell, I map well never tall as Shaquille O'Neal/
ripping mics since I beat the appeal, sucker emcees didn't have to squeal
only a chosen few knew viewed like we was seeing it like a 20 inch Zenith/
spark the heights, you want my weaponry I come with multiples of 9 emcees in my infantry
speak in multiplicity ripping through a house of horrors, giving you sorrows/
bury you crashing into turf like Roswell My hostel intake be CO2 valance tanks
road cha ranks clank up you low rank rappers and turned them in to Rippers/
you gon have to dare and test, I ain't best i'm the worst nightmare you've ever faced
open case, beaten down beats in a blood splatter patterned that looked scattered/
doesn't require a law with order, cold cut cha court cha down to road
reload recode dethrow, cashe you pompays when i'm coming like Bombay/
romp a way you can case in point thinking when I am inking joints
silver bulletin pulizer prize ripper zip up minds with Kruger exchange and Myers disarrange/