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you know what, i cant even describe how sick wutang are, i been trying too for years but i cant, nothing makes me feel as amped and shit as a wutang joint, from beats, too lyrical contend too delievery, every thing i hear just blows me away, i been listening too wutang since i was like 10 years old back in the early 90s and even now like 12 years later, i still get the same feeling from the tracks, thats y wutang in my opinion are the best rap group or group in any genre of music ever, nothing compairs tooo the way wautang make ya feel when u get that sick beat drop damn, i probably sounds like some kinda of psycho writen up this shit, but i just had to relise it hahaha, anyway, its good to see this site back up and running,

it's sweet when your on drugs an listenin to Wu, hell, most wu tang joints can cure hangovers