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    who fucks with this dude? mashup master.

    a bunch of hosting sites crashed the other day when he released his latest joint "All Day" because so many people were trying to DL it.

    newest one is just pure uptempo for over an hour.

    starts with luda over some sabbath and doesnt stop. has all kinds of rock rap and pop on there. but its well done. quality mashups, and its not just one artist over another is one song, he includes a mindblowing amount of tracks in one track with a seamless flow. he defiantly knows his music.

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    yeah i fux with him i used to bump the shit outta night ripper. haven't heard the new new tho.

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    Heh, he's from my hometown. Every college hipster girl loves him here.

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    I've been hearing so much about this guy..I guess its time to listen.

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