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Thread: Hot Scottish Hip-Hop Club Track

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    Default Hot Scottish Hip-Hop Club Track

    No joke this shit is serious mayne!! Freestyle Master reppin' the pure mad mental streets and clubs of Glasgow!!!

    Mayne i can really believe that those ill cats like Method Man and Rakim gettin' down to these hard knock beats!!

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    Someone really needs to hit up DJ Kay Slay to get this cat down on his new tape

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    OH SHIT (DAMN!i) this cat dropping that ill knowledge on this one!!

    Steg G & the Freestyle Master - United Kingdom (promo)


    i can really see some ill lyrical cats like Canibus working with us Scottish MC's as we really are bringing the heat and our flow and cadence is on that raw ill lyrical tip

    This shit really reminds me of the newest Canibus joint off his new album i purchased recently

    Canibus - CPTN Cold Crush
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