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    Arrow MASTERS of "Cracked Shell" post flo(}) how will you stand in the last days?

    when i be smokin that purple, i purposly purpitrate so that your mind and your body get stuck at the fukin gate, i blow you away--- with mltiple levels of rhyme flows from devils, i told you that the mind goes whenever time bomb goes off- in the meadows and the- blind ones show god that the- fine times have all gone and the- fine wine that you bought - was a dollar and fivedimes that you lost- so now the dying time is across the way as you watch as the final rhymes that you say are just lost... then when the final rays of the sun have all gone- im provin that crime pays but the cops- are comin at me from like 5 ways- to just block shots -when my 9 srays and throws rocks- it was a damn shame you brought your boys- you look more like the crying game- so step off and fukin blow me- this is the lions den- your life is what you owe me
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