Back tracking taking no naps in
waking staking vamps by the pires I wired in sire never higher/
write cha fire my guilds be guile's wild style in affairs
jar-head words are deeds feed cha needs read my seeds/
feel my sparks know the hearts I break and ache
waking up the dead, knowing I'm the ish/
fishing without no pole coupling tolls
never paid fares, fairies get gerrymandered/
rhyming scheme staring out this window
with my rifle now we Eiffel towering overpowering/
gone from drunken lord to the times accordingly
ripping without porting to place to place/
waste a face case to case, pastor to mason
now I bet cha I set cha rep ya now we text ya/
flex on ya send cha way game the same
now we know what pays to stay the same/
change the way notices get relayed
delay any authoring of this lyrical styling/
buck wilding now just as vile as the beast from the east
reach me seeing the sheepish deep as another dish installed on ya roof/
cold crushing tone touch roll dusted mole cluster
pole position speaking wisdom when it got hectic/
taking it back to sounds making my rounds
facing new grounds running rounds claiming clowns/
taming towns making carnivals out cha circuses
now we working making it twerk to a different beat/
read my paths multiplicity shine divided by time
check the lives I've influenced and ask them why/
how I flew over the cuckoo's nest chess piece taking
checkmate rest a day beyond the way made new breast plate/
crest we rocking, systems we rock, symbols with signs we blind
turn e'm down like contracts not yet given the green light yet/
deaded in debt buried in words crying tears just wept
slept off fantasies I haven't been tortured with yet/
destine to be the best even now
so bring better efforts nigga/
got my skills off the hook given no mercy when I dirt up ya shoes
get cha tools fool, my skills aren't old or new they just been showing and proven/
never ever are we losing we just cruising making waves
shaking up times when you bonded to things with correct timing/

strikes and punches all about timing
watch me move like Marshall Law
cut cha jaw with a swift strike......
moving like water
crashing like water
becoming water
is how I manifest nature of self..