All of us come to a point in life where we have to either completely change, or continue to ride the fence. Those of us who instinctively feel that there is infinitely more to creation, to ourselves, to life, etc. have the hardest struggle of all, I believe, in making this choice.

Our souls tell us that we should concentrate on our deepest desires. Be they to backpack around the world and visit ancient monuments, spend a few months or years with the indigenous peoples of whereever, or simply save up a lot of money, buy an island and concentrate of developing the unification of mind, body and spirit. One, if not all of these ideas, and more crosses our minds more times than we can count throughout the day.

Personally, I'm borderline at that point. Enough with speaking about the way things are and the way we, as people should behave. Simply be all that you study. Live the example that you admire so deeply and forget everything else.
Take only the things that matter seriously. Everything and everyone else is just smoke and mirrors. It seems that every time I turn on the television I'm disgusted. Simply because there's nothing to watch. Nothing inspiring, educational or even remotely entertaining. "The Event" is the best thing on since, "Heroes" for me.

Bottom line, wreckless abandonment, with just balance, of course, is seeming to be the best option for me as of now. Has anyone tried this yet? Those of you who have considered it, I'd like to hear your thoughts/advice as well.