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Thread: Dom Pachino-You Used To Be.

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    Default Dom Pachino-You Used To Be.

    On the third verse there was a part where he references the state of Killarmy and what took so long. He says "Some niggahz deal with greed; others got too much dust in they weed; others don't want to be bothered and that's word to my seed; others don't take the music that seriously; some are just trying to live and trying to eat." This is my perception of what applies to who. I think the greed line might be directed towards Ninth Prince which may explain why they had beef a while back. I think the dust in weed line may be directed towards Beretta Nine because he is usually around Rza and we all know Rza is a full fledged dusthead. I think the don't want to be bothered line refers to Islord because has he done anything outside of the most recent Killarmy l.p.?; as far as I know he does not have any projects out. I think the don't take the music seriously line refers to ShoGun Assasson because he has done little or nothing since the last Killarmy joint to my knowledge. I think the just trying to live and eat line was referring to Killa Sin because of his constantly bidding it in jail. How did the rest of you perceive these lyrics?

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    RZA is a dusthead?

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    Man i never knew RZA was a dust head... *shakes head and leaves

    *U*K*NG *I*G*R F*CK

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