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can WE escape that ?

if WE become a WE, then yes

if MEDIA is doing this, then black men need to step to media - and make them stop - or fucking else -

we talk all that tuff talk but can't stop a local police station from shooting unarmed black men - niggas is soft
Is that so? Do you expect us as black man to march into all local police stations and demand that they stop racial profiling and they'll accept that? Do you expect black men to march to the local news to demand that to stop reporting black on black crime?

If that happens, they'll make a joke out of black men for sure for TRYING! Remember, the world thinks that we're only good for sex, physical strength, and sports. Is that so?

Also, you keep saying that we should just take what's ours. All of the educational programs and job placement is a bunch of non-sense and crap. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. But how is one suppose to start a business with limited funds and limited support? The only support we might receive is from black women, then that'll be a pain. Come on, Sunny! They'll bankroll our ideas. As a result, the women we see us a boys, not men.

There's just isn't enough support.