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Thread: Wu - Live in Vegas 2010

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    Default Wu - Live in Vegas 2010

    I'm not trying to steal thundar from the Wu. The purpose of this video is to try and get the fans off there asses and to the shows. I just seen the Wu in Vegas last Friday (Dec. 3) and it was not sold out. House of Blues has this upper area (where I took the video) and it was dead. Come on Wu heads. If you have yet to see them live get tickets asap. This shit is crazy dun. I last saw the Wu in 2007. Rock the Bells San Bernardino. The audio sucked. I was about 50feet away form the Wu and could not hear the lyrics. But when I saw them in House of Blues...wow the sound was fucking epic. Just insane. Anyways. Go see the Wu!!!

    Sorry the video is huge. I refuse to cut the quality. I was already disappointed with the iPhone4 quality.

    5GB Video: www.enterthewutang.com

    - Batke

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    Wow Internet Explorer sucks. This file loads pretty fast in Safari.

    here is the direct link:

    You can save the file or open Quicktime > click File > Open URL > http://www.enterthewutang.com/Enter_...a/WTCVegas.mov

    Sorry all.

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