Open Labs Timbaland Special Edition Neko 61 keys with bump MP Gen 5 - $4500 park slope

If I had the Money Id Go For it

Open Labs NeKo TSE Special Edition with Bump Mp all gen 4 and Gen 5 sounds Keyboard Production Station Specifications:

* CPU:
* 2.4GHz Core2Quad
* Memory:

* NeKo 1TB HD
* 7200rpm HD
* Upgradeable to 1.5TB

* High-speed, dual-layer 8.5GB disk CD and DVD Burner

Power Supply:
* 500+ watts
* Whisper quiet cooling fans (internal chassis, processor & power supply)

Dimensions: 46"(W) X 7"(H) X 20"(D)
* Weight: 46 lbs.

Presonus Firebox
* Preamp Bandwidth: 10Hz-50kHz
* Preamp Input Impedance: 1.3k Ohms
* Instrument Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
* Preamp THD: <0.005%
* Preamp EIN: -125dB
* Preamp Gain: 45dB (+12dB digital boost switch)
* Line Input Impedance: 10k Ohms
* TRS Output Impedance: 51 Ohms
* TRS Main Outputs Impedance: 51 Ohms
* Headphone Output: 150mW/Ch 20Hz-20kHz
* Phantom Power: 48V +/- 2V
* Power Supply: Ext line Transformer, Internal Switching
* Bus Power: 6-pin FireWire Port
* Analog to Digital Converters: 24-bit/up to 96khz
* ADC Dynamic Range: 107dB
* DAC: 24-bit/up to 96kHz
* DAC Dynamic Range: 110dB
* IEEE1394 Speed: 400mbps

Open Labs NeKo TSE Special Edition Keyboard Production Station Features:

* 61-key semi-weighted synth action keyboard (with world-class Fatar Technology)
* Built-in Presonus FireBox interface

Control Surfaces:
* Pitch Bend and modulation wheels
* Trackpad with 2 buttons
* Keyboard ("QWERTY") module
* Assignable alpha control module (5 faders, 5 modes buttons, 3 transpose buttons, 5 directions buttons, and 5 transport buttons)
* DJ Module: Penny and Giles cross-fader, 7 knobs, and 12 buttons

Audio I/O:
* High performance audio I/O card with low latency including 24-bit/96kHz professional 4-in/6-out
* 2 mic/instrument preamp inputs with Phantom Power of 48V
* 2 analog line inputs
* 6 analog line outputs
* S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial)
* 1 headphone jack with volume control

* Internal 15" color touch screen LCD high resolution (1024 x 768)
* External video port for running dual monitors or a video projector

Presonus FIreBox
* 24-bit/96kHz FireWire recording interface
* 2 front panel inputs with preamps and 48V phantom power
* 2 balanced TRS line inputs
* 6 balanced TRS analog outs
* Recording and playback through 6 inputs and 8 outputs simultaneously
* Stereo headphone output
* Volume control
* Compatible with most ASIO/WDM and Core Audio based applications

* MIDI In/Out
* Sustain and Expression ports
* 2 USB 2.0 ports
* FireWire 400 port
* Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port

* Microsoft Windows XP Home; Open Labs' Custom GUI, mFusion, Karsyn, MimiK; E-MU Proteus X2 Streaming Sound Module V2.5; ChickenSys Translator, Reaper

PREMIUM Factory Sound Library V4:
* 28,074 presets (over 35GB of sounds) from over 60 virtual instruments including: E-MU's Ensoniq Urban Legends, Mo'Phatt X, Modern Symphonic Orchestra, Old World Instruments, Vintage X Pro Collection, Virtuoso X, and X2 Production Library, Truepianos, WusikStation V4, Extra Wusik Sound Libraries (Wusik Sound Magazine 1-13, HQ Strings, Choirs, GM), Purity, Sylenth 1, VB3 OL SE, Mr. Ray22, Mr. Ray73, Mr. Tramp, Organized Trio V3, Realguitar V2.1 OL SE, Discovery V2.10 OL SE, Vertigo V2.6 OL SE, HighLife V1.4, WIVI Trial Edt., Suburban Guitarist, Lollapalooza Lite OL SE, BB303i V2, Synth 1, Addictive Drums Demo, Ticky Clav, Delay Lama, Crystal V2.4, Sun RA, String Theory V1.5, Texture V1.2, Rez V2, Motion V2.8, Plugsound Free, Mini Dizi, Mini Erhu, EPiano Module, Rhodes Module, Bass Module, Rock, Bass Line, UltraSonique V1.1, Syncoder 32-2, Spook Keys, Super Spook Keys, Cubix V1.0.1, Minimal V1.5, Optik V1.4, Pandemonium V2, X-Fortuna, Lazer Blade Free, Protoplasm 21 Free, STS-25 Free, Ph0ne, Rogue, MicroSynt, Artphase V1.5, Mr. Alias V1.02, Blood Bucket V1, Monolisa V1.12, String Synth, PhadiZ, and Accordion.

Included Accessories:
* AC cord
* Start guide
* Owner's manual (PDF)
* Motherboard manual
* Open Labs Sounds Utilities and Drivers DVD
* 3 Reference Maps
* 2.5mm wrench
* Additional screws and washers for hard drive upgrade

If you have questions, please feel free to send me a message or e-mail. If you are serious, please contact me at 917-544-7162. Feel free to ask any other questions you like.

The new Timbaland Special Edition NeKo, an all-in-one production studio powered by Windows™ XP, is capable of running virtually any Windows XP compatible software including a variety of DAW software, virtual instruments (VSTi), virtual effects (VST) and other music applications.Dressed in the same Arctic White Chassis color scheme, the Timbaland Special Edition NeKo is the perfect solution for the studio to road experience.

“Timbaland wanted the ability to work on his music from home on a larger unit and still be able to travel easily with his MiKo. This was a fantastic way for Timbaland to achieve this by utilizing gear with matching specs and software,” said Victor Wong, Founder and Chairman of Open Labs. “By introducing this model we are able to provide the features that most people are looking for, while reducing the price over $1,000 from the NeKo LX model.”

The Gen4 models are now equipped with Intel Core2Quad™ processors providing the most processing power in any production station available today.

The PreSonus FireBox is a 24-bit/96kHz FireWire Recording System with a 6-in, 10-out computer recording interface. It boasts 2 crystal-clear Class A preamps with 45dB gain, ultra-wide 10Hz-50kHz frequency response, and professional 24-bit/96kHz converters with 110dB dynamic range for a big, musical sound.

It has 2 mic/instrument preamps with 48V phantom power conveniently located on the front panel. It gives you 2 balanced TRS line inputs, 6 balanced TRS analog outs, as well as MIDI and S/PDIF I/O. You can record through 6 inputs and playback through 8 outputs simultaneously. It also has a stereo headphone output and the main volume control on the front panel.

The FireBox is compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS X and is compatible with many popular ASIO/WDM and Core Audio based applications including Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer, Premier, and many others.

The Timbaland Special Edition NeKo features E-MU™’s new Proteus™ X2 Streaming Sound Module V2.5 with over 10,148 instruments, including the new Ensoniq™ Urban Legends™ Sound Library that contains the sounds from Ensoniq’s ASR™/EPS™/MR™/ASR-X™/ZR™ instruments. These sounds were specifically requested by Timbaland, and are only available in the Timbaland Special Edition units, an Open Labs exclusive.

- E-MU™ Proteus™ 2000
- E-MU™ Mo’Phatt™
- E-MU™ Modular System™
- Ensoniq™ EPS™ /EPS 16+™
- Ensoniq ASR 10™
- Ensoniq ASR-X™
- Ensoniq ZR76™
- Ensoniq MR61™
- ARP™ 2600™
- ARP™ Axxe™
- Roland™ JD800™
- Roland™ Jupiter 8™
- Roland™ JX-8P™
- Roland™ TB-303 Bass Line™
- Roland™ Juno 60™
- Moog™ Memorymoog™
- Mini™ Moog™
- Moog™ Taurus Pedals™
- Sequential Circuits™ Prophet 10™
- Sequential Circuits™ Prophet 600™
- Elka™ Rhapsody™
- Mellotron™ Mark II™
- Korg™ MS20™
- Solina™
- Oberheim™ OB™ & X™
- Hammond™ B3™
- Rhodes™ Electric Piano™
- Hohner™ Clavinet™
- Yamaha™ CP-70™
- Wurlitzer™ Electric Piano™

Running within the new Proteus X 2.5 environment, (Proteus X v2.5 is available only to Open Labs) these keyboards are reborn inside the Timbaland Special Edition NeKo providing world-class audio quality, choice of instruments, ease of use and represents a value of over $60,000 if the actual keyboards were purchased individually.

When combined with the new Open Labs sound library V4, the Timbaland Edition NeKo contains over 35-gigabytes of premium sounds, constituting 28,074 presets. The street price for the bundled software and sound libraries is $3,564, which includes $487 worth of Open Labs Special Edition plug-ins, optimized by the software developers for use with the NeKo.

My Timabaland Neko is equipped with the new Bump MP™ integrated drum module, designed to allow the user to create beats and trigger any sound, loop or sample in real-time. Enhanced with a special Open Labs version of Guru™ from FXpansion™, key features of the Bump MP include: (16 plus 1) fully assignable pads, note repeat, fixed level fader, transport controls, chromatic mode, hold, pad tune, multiple groove preset and eight engines with 24 patterns per engine. This also allows up to 512 step sequences per pattern .
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity . Sounds and software installed includesV4 library ( Gen 4 ) and V5 library ( Gen 5 ) and other plug-ins. Also included : Trillian , Omnisphere , Refx Nexus, Ableton Live suite 8 Full Edition , Komplete 6 , Battery 3 .

One of a kind... will never be produced again.

Serious buyer only : 917-544-7162