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Thread: Inspectah Deck in Denton TX 6/18

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    Default Inspectah Deck in Denton TX 6/18

    I heard a rumor about a week ago that Inspectah Deck was going to be in my area, but it was on and off, the status of the show was uncertain, until Friday afternoon I found out it was going down for real. I was kind of worried that because of the on again off again status of the show, people would assume it had been cancelled, and not show up. There were 20 people max in the room until about 11:30 when they turned off the cd player and had the DJ do a set. But by midnight, the place was packed.

    Planet Asia was the first to perform. Their set was really animated and it got the crowd out of the "damn this show is starting late" mood and into the mood for the show. I had never heard Planet Asia before but his rhymes are tight and he was entertaining, plus his hypeman (i wish i could remember his name, a heavyset light skinned cat with a real raw style) was dope as fuck, the two of them made a 40 minute set seem like not long enough at all.

    Next up was Afu-Ra whose reggae-rock influenced hip-hop was nice to listen to, but his stage presence wasn't really up on the same level as Planet Asia, so I got a little bit tired after the set went on for about half an hour. The beats were good, so was the lyricism, but unfortunately the whole package was nothing memorable. Plus we were all waiting on Inspectah Deck, so it seemed that Afu-Ra's set was just a couple songs too long.

    Finally Deck came out and immediately he jumped into the crowd and did his entire set from down on the ground with us. Started out with a medley of sorts of the popular Wu tracks - Protect Ya Neck, CREAM, It's Yourz, etc. then did a couple ODB songs in memoriam, one or two off of The Movement and got about 6 or 7 ladies up on the stage (not me) to dance all sexy while he did everyone's verses on Ice Cream ... ended it back down in the crowd letting some of the kids freestyle along with him. He came off to me like he was having a lot of fun, and real as anything. He didn't finish until after closing time, aboutl 2:15 when the bar people started trying to get people out of the door.

    If anything could have been done different it would have been to have the show in Dallas, which might have brought out a larger and more diverse crowd, but even way up north in Denton, it was a great time. It's the first time I'd seen any Wu member show and it was definitely worth the two hour round trip drive and $10 at the door.

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    Default Re: Inspectah Deck in Denton TX 6/18

    Tight if he goes

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