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Thread: USA National Debt Debate

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    Default USA National Debt Debate

    all #-&-% are aprox and estimate

    OK dude and dudettes. lets get our head out of the clouds for a minute and talk about something more Fiscal.

    any ideas to how you would help relive this debt situation.

    luckily were already started positive turns, by the deregulation of energy and industry in america; but is that enough?. i don't think so.

    if were going to get out of it we need to quit being such duche-bags and stop fearing the word TAX. I know you all think our country was founded on the belief that we shouldn't pay taxes, but that because your all such Historically illiterate.(don't get mad if that doesn't imply to you thats just being immature) Are county was founded because taxes wear not going to us but across the seas. still all we keep doing is making cuts, then rolling back taxes, then taking out loans. if this was Sim City you just lost(maybe you should try an easer job[run for senate]).

    lets follow England example and get this VAT tax through legislature. for those who don't know about the VAT. it is a seals tax that only effect people from what they buy(usually not including groceries) and it effect people evenly across the bored, and in order to work effectively without hurting the commercial sector, you would have to keep taxes at a low. i'm not going to lie to you that is great for me, because i'm invested in that sector. the com sector only make up about 30% of are country. even though that is the case we are a consumer nation and should take advantage of it.

    second we need to increase the income tax. i know scary. the reason why we are so scared because we pay all these additional taxes. i know in cali were paying Katrina tax6%,(thats another thread) 911 tax,10%(still) Eco tax,8% state 11%, and on top of that are 12%. thats a fucking dookie worth 32% out of your checks. that shit scare me!, as an employer, but if we remove the unless out of state we git 22%. and with a simple increase, state 12% income 15% = 27% out of your check. and stop giving those of us who are above, those Mod-damn TAX break!!!!

    share your ideas this is a real debate no attacking individuals on character, only on point.
    no one running for office here
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