sadly that is the case but there are people out they that really wan't a job and i wish i had room to give them one but the further are deficit drops the more cut backs i have to make

and in order to fix the deficit we need to remove this cuts witch ah proven effective in the passed

and i'm not really being over taxed when you make as much as i do you see that you can easily to give afford more i believe i already explained this to you

% are across the board, that how % work your still losing that amount out of your income weather you make 11,000 or 250,000 your still loosing 24% of it

i have actually talk to my lawyer about starting up a charity to give money to the deficit but thats illegal

we need to do something or every thing funded by taxes will just stop

and thanks to are deficit we will be like that for 6 years and completely open to every one

if you rally love america you would tax the fuck out of the rich

luckily for me it doesn't matter because like most of us upper income we are dual citizens. i'm doing what i can to take advantage of the time and improve the econ as much as i can but once that shit hits the fan it's.... screw you guys i'm going to

i have an escape plain you should to if your eating that shit that the corporations are feeding you, because i know they do -coff-coof... outsourcing