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Thread: What's good everyone

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    Default What's good everyone

    Bored. And after five attempts I didn't get deleted ahaha.

    Yo what's good you wanna grab it, have it nah it's chads dick/
    better grip the plastic, cuz' when I tap it I'll hit the hat trick/
    Like magic yea this is crap shit, why the fuck am I even rappin/
    Is it cuz' i'm the last kid, to live in a life of straight brass shit/
    It's all so pale call the whales, cuz' imma ball with seals/
    That was wack, what's that? want ya back cracked i'll call mah seals/
    Well lemme tell ya bout' me, about all the sounds I see/
    How the ground breathes, even before i smoke the trees/
    Am i broke? fuck me, cuz' i'm stuck B damn i'm not lucky/
    But the bitches love to SUCK ME
    Yea an' I like to rap, but I never touched a gat/
    Or a bitch that was rough an fat, or tough n' black/
    Shit just gotta knuckle crack, bendin' the fingers/
    Like a contortionist, abortin' kids I send some shivers/
    Yea you'll all say this is wack shit, O WELL I LIKE CRACK KIDS/
    Wow right now my rhymes are really lackin' o' well i'm just actin/
    I'm really a cosmonaut, MAN NO YOUR NOT smoke the dro you cock/
    O sorry that was my dude wit me picked up 3 groupies at school dog/

    Lol I don't know just keystylin' Second post on here what up guys.
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