Bottom line: It would be wise to consider before signing with a label or putting out and album with a label that is neither able or willing to effectively market and promote your product. Its a shame but many great artists and music are put out that goes pretty much unknown by the general public. In many cases the artist would be better of hiring his own publicist, promotions team and grinding his or her own product independently. Many of the Wu affiliate projects and those from certain Clan members unfortunately fall in this category. I just got out of a meeting with a "label" that was unwilling to pay what would amount to $50 a show to promote their projects in 10 cities during the tour. Its virtually impossible to move 10K units when only 2K people are aware it exists. So at the end of the day these albums are released and suffer the fate of solely being cult collectibles. When u do the math and weigh out all the red tape, headache and expense its much better for an artists to independently market your music and get ya cdbaby money on and solely control the ultimate success of your project and career at large.