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Thread: Christmas is real

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORD NOSE View Post
    I raised it in November

    great minds contributed to it though if you had bothered to check other more recent topics, you would have seen everything in this thread, ujucovered at a deeper level.

    if I had wanted to be > Bothered < I would have. checked it.

    Wade,timbs, pro grave,.....even Robbie's chin contributed. don't take your frustration out on me in here spam granola. what frustrations? i just know and you always prove, that you bump topics that are past there sell by date

    I bump threads - and I'll bump some more - I'll bump a thread from 2003 - all you can do about it is complain

    lmfno though
    did you have to type all that shit just to log in? SMDN Nope, #copypasta ofwhat food wrote on fb

    the galactic alignment happened and it's still "back to work nigga"
    your lack of overstanding knows no bounds, your on the same level as sheited... do u recall the mayan 40 page thread? you was orgasming over 'end of teh world' LOL

    I don't give a fuck about a 40 page thread about the Mayan prophesy

    you mad? mad at what ? a racist black dude? lololol

    thanks for this handle tho. i know it was your choice

    i love how i got under your skin with TRU FAX

    trolling at god tier level, you cant handle it.

    you're under my foreskin praying for rain ....and it's coming ..lmfno

    Son dullah, your late, nobody gives a fuck but you,we won the war, Christmas is real, and in 2012, your new name is spam controller.

    you must have a birthday coming up in 2 months

    take your UFO blogging ass back to Gen chat where everyone and their mother slaps the shit outah you in everythread you attempt to spam. you'll lose in a worst way here
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